Green+1 : About Us

Welcome to Green+1: Innovating Green Tech for a Sustainable Tomorrow
At Green Plus One, we are a team of innovative entrepreneurs dedicated to revolutionizing the green technology landscape. Our unwavering commitment lies in reshaping the way carbon offset is perceived, making it not only reliable but also highly trackable.

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Green+1 mission

Our Mission: Transforming Carbon Offset Reliability

Our primary objective is to instill trust and transparency in carbon offset practices. Carbon offset, a pivotal step towards environmental preservation, has often been marred by uncertainties. We are here to change that narrative. Our mission is to bridge the gap between companies seeking carbon offset credits and the organizations on the forefront of environmental conservation.

What We Do: Connecting Purpose with Impact

At Green Plus One, we act as the bridge that connects companies with a vision for carbon offset to the organizations actively engaged in environmental causes. These range from esteemed eco organizations and dedicated NGOs to passionate environment-focused groups. By forging these vital connections, we create a symbiotic relationship where carbon offset goals become aligned with tangible, impactful actions.

Green+1 mission
Green+1 technology

Our Technological Leap: Solving Challenges with Innovation

One of our core strengths lies in our innovative use of cutting-edge technology to overcome challenges that have long plagued the carbon offset landscape. Through the power of blockchain and other advanced tools, we address concerns such as double counting, false claims, and inadequate verification. This ensures that the carbon offset process is not only secure but also verifiable at every step.

Our Global Footprint: Diversity in Unity

We take pride in being a global team that transcends borders. With members hailing from the USA, India, Cambodia, Singapore, Australia, and Japan, our diverse backgrounds and perspectives enrich our approach. This cross-border collaboration empowers us to tackle environmental challenges from various angles, contributing to a more comprehensive and effective solution.

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